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Father Heart Missions
(Newsletter - Summer/Fall 2022)
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Greetings, dear friends! We have much to share with you.

Father's Love Class

I shared in the last letter that our leaders were preparing to teach the next generation an eight-week series on Knowing God as Father, and they asked us to join them through Facebook Video. I (Ruth) taught two classes, and Brad also taught a class. It was really special to be able to connect with them in that way even though there were some times of technical difficulties!

One week Orlando taught about forgiveness. One young woman said that she hated her father and could not forgive him. Orlando talked about Jesus dying on the cross, saying "Father, forgive them..." He asked her if she could start by asking Father God to forgive through her. She did, and tears flowed as she forgave. She said, "I feel set free! I have been going to therapy for years now, but in these few minutes I have received more healing than all the years of therapy! Thank You, God!"

We feel so blessed and thankful to Father God for the way He always comes through to minister to His children through this class!

* * *

San Sebastian

Our youth center has expanded to now include San Sebastian, a remote farming community about a half hour from Bluefields. Our leaders take regular trips to train and encourage the team there. They discovered that children are walking an hour in either direction just to be able to participate in the activities and get a simple meal to eat! So far the budget is small, so the activities are simple -- things like coloring a page out of a coloring book. But it thrills them because they don't have crayons and paper at home.

I think -- how many of our children in North America would walk an hour one way, just to be able to color and eat!?  In North America, we expect more and more to be entertained.  Oh, to be more like one of these precious children whom God loves so much!  What a privilege to be a part of a life changed.  It happens one at a time; here is an example....

* * *

Youth Center Bluefields - Anita and Kathia

Anita was our next-door neighbor -- one of the first Nicaraguans we met when we moved there in 2005. We didn't have the youth center yet in those days. We just hung out and ministered to the children and youth on our big porch. Anita received much spiritual healing in her life.

Since then, she has grown up and had a daughter, Kathia. Anita wanted Kathia to receive the same love that she had, so she sent her to Father Heart Youth Center. From the time she was old enough (five years old) until now, Kathia has been faithfully attending. Now fourteen years old, she is a helper -- being trained as a teacher for the younger kids' class.

Here is a verse that Kathia wanted to share: "And this hope does not disappoint us, because God has filled our hearts with His love through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us." Romans 5:5

* * *

Mercy Ministry

The economy is difficult all over the world these days, and Nicaragua is no exception. Many people have lost their jobs, or cannot find work, due to the pandemic. The price of everything has gone up, and some things are literally double what they used to cost just a short while ago. There are many Mercy Ministry needs. We are very thankful for every one of you who has given from your heart. Still, we have had to turn people away because our mission budget has gotten tighter. Please be in prayer, not only for Mercy Ministry, but for the General Fund. And if you are able to help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated!

* * *

Send a Child to School

We are very proud of sisters Dalimsky and Rosa, who both just graduated from university with a degree in Agroforestry. Dalimsky recently married a wonderful man from her church. These are two lives that were changed through the Send a Child to School program. Their mother never went to school because her parents could not afford to send her. She used to walk past the school to get water from the well, and she would peek in the window and listen to the teacher. That is how she learned her ABCs and some basic beginner reading. She was so thrilled when she found out about the Send a Child to School program and was able to give her own daughters a better future because of it.

Now is the time of year to start preparing for the 2023 school year. Those of you who sponsored children in 2022 should receive your letters from your children soon. Whether you are renewing a sponsorship or want to start sponsoring, you can make an impact on a life. For $80 per year, you can send a child to school in kindergarten through university, and you will receive a letter during the year from your child, along with a photo.

* * *


Yes, I know it is still summer, but Christmas will come before you know it. We would like to plan ahead for the annual Christmas party for the children -- around 200 of them! This party is the highlight of their year, and we always want to make them feel special. So please pray, and if it is on your heart to give, we would be blessed!

* * *

Here in the States

Brad had a successful spinal surgery in April, but it is a long road to recovery. He still needs to use the walker, and he goes to physical therapy twice a week. When the weather is good, he also goes to the pool and does pool therapy. Please continue to keep him in prayer.

We had planned to go to Alaska again to take our turn in caring for my (Ruth's) 92-year-old mother, but we have not been able to because of Brad's condition. So the plan is for my mother to come here to Florida in August for two months so we can care for her here. My brother will bring her, so she won't need to travel alone. We'd appreciate your prayers for that also!

* * *

Love and blessings ,
    - Brad and Ruth

"Love never fails."  I Corinthians 13:8

P.S.: IMPORTANT!  We have been having lots of problems with our email address, and often not receiving our email. So we have changed to a new ministry email address. Please do not use anymore. Instead, please send all ministry-related emails to 

Also, as a reminder, our Florida address has changed and is now: Brad and Ruth Brown, 4333 Summersun Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34652.

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Brad Teaching through Facebook Video


Ruth Teaching through Facebook Video


Baby Lisliani is 2 years old but cannot walk. She needs constant medical care, which is expensive.


Rosa and Dalimsky at their Graduation







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